Implementing the Right Technology

From the conventional technology we use on a daily base to the more advance technology such as membrane treatment can be choices. Other choices provided can come from the type of instrument used. This will give more chances for us to adopt the 'newer technology' with the most economical price.




Clean Water

Designing the water treatment according to the raw water quality. Including obtaining the raw water quality


Designing the wastewater treatment according to the wastewater generated in order to fulfill the regulation guide lines for discharge, including stages to obtain the right water quality

Upgrading existing system


Color Removal

Designing the right system for the color removal on surface water

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPM)


Water Treatment


conventional treatment
Conventional Treatment
conventional treatment with membrane
Conventional Treatment With Membrane
membrane system
Membrane System
sea water reverse osmosis
Sea Water Reverse Osmosis




Color Removal For Swamp Water

The treatment used for color water from swamp water most likely will use a conventional system which will consume a lot of chemicals and will produce a significant amount of sludge as a byproduct.

The newest technology for this is to use Hollow fiber nano filtration; which will not require any chemicals and no sludge as the by product.

swamp water conventional color removal
Conventional Treatment for Color Removal (Swamp Water)
color removal using nano filtration
Color removal using Nano filtration hollow fiber membranes
color removal combined
Color removal using Nano filtration hollow fiber membranes
reservoir sample
Color Removal Reservoir Tank
marsh to drinking water
Color Removal Bottled Result

Waste water treatment





If required we shall provide trained operational to maintain your system under contract to lessen your burden in running the treatment facility

We will always bring the best water quality!