Treating Water Accurately


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Water has been part of us we cant live without. And eventhough we can find water everywhere, not all water has the right quality that goes with the standard we need. Which is clean, colorless, odourless, and safe to consume.

To obtain the right water quality, we require the right treatment.

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With the rapid population growth we have at the moment, its estimated in the year 2025, the world will go through a significant lack in fresh water. In order to achieve the proper water quality, the right treatment is required. PT Bayu Surya Bakti Konstruksi is specializing in constructing water treatment and wastewater treatment

Our vision is to be one of the lead company in water treatment and water works which provides water supply sustainability and contribute to a green environment technology with quality assurance, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

The water treatment we handle starts from clean water treatment (the package starts from 1 l/s up to 100 l/s) and wastewater treatment (domesic waste, sewage, and industrial wastewater).

Clean Drinking Water

Our Mission is to provide products and services focused on customers satisfaction in providing the required water treatment based on the heath regulation, safety and environment.

Out experts have been in this business more then 10 years, and we are continuously following the last trend in water treatment and finding the right case to use the latest technology

Therefore, with both technically support and excecution on site support, we can provied a water treatment system that fits the request and will achieve the best quality we can

It is our commitment to continue provide water for a green environment and a sustainable future