Water has been part of us we cant live without. And eventhough we can find water everywhere, not all water has the right quality that goes with the standard we need. Which is clean, colorless, odourless, and safe to consume

Water is an inseparable part of our lives. Although we can find water everywhere, not all the existing water quality in accordance with what we need, which is clean and safe for consumption. To have the right water quality as clean/potable water, suitable treatment for each water conditions hereby performed.

PT BAYU SURYA BAKTI KONSTRUKSI is specializing in constructing water treatment (package could begin 1000l/hour to 1l/s,for huge quantity could get up to 100 l/s) and wastewater (domestic, sewage or industrial). Our experts have been in this business more then 10 years, and we are continuously following the last trend in water treatment and finding the right case to use the latest technology

indoor plant
Water Treatment
Color Removal
Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment
Solar-Power Systems

We will tailor each treatment with suitable technology to fit your water conditions

We offer you a variety of service levels, resulting in a custom-made plan tailored to your choice and requirements. Our service plans covers from consultation, construction and maintenance to your clean water needs. 

We will find the right way to implement the right technology to the treatment we offer with the best ecomonical price we can. All of this will be adjusted to the budget and needs. From the conventional technology we use on a daily base to the more advance technology such as membrane treatment could be your deeper choices.  Other choices which will be provided would come from the type of instrument that used in your system. This methodology will give more chances for us to adopt the newer technology with the most economical price.





We will always bring you the best water quality